Meet Caleb Christensen who managed to save his face in one of the most miserable situations you can imagine. Although he was unlucky to find his girlfriend in bed with another man, he decided to do something special.

He came home early that night, despite working a double shift. He did not tell his girlfriend that he would be home before, as he wanted to surprise her and make up for those bad days. Caleb has worked long hours and did not really have time for relationship. Stress at work did not help either.

When Caleb came home he rushed straight to the toilet.

“Got home from working with a double change and find the toilet seat. Either my girlfriend did not piss for 20 hours straight or there had been another man in my house. That was one thing I learned in that relationship, to keep the toilet seat down”.

At first he thought his girlfriend invited some friends. But why would not he know about it? Dozens of questions ran around his head.

His suspicions were confirmed when he entered his bedroom. He could not believe in his eyes. Next to his girlfriend lay a dull man, fast asleep. Both of them were probably drunk.

The room smelled of alcohol. Caleb could see parts of her lingerie scattered around the floor. He also acknowledged the red bra – he gave it to her last year for her birthday.

I thought for a moment I had imagined it. But there he was, fast asleep.

Then Caleb realized how cliché the whole situation was. The question is how long had she been doing it for?

“I had the feeling that something was going on behind my back but I felt I had to trust her. It was so surreal that I decided to take pictures of the whole situation. 

Caleb began to snap pictures of the two in bed. All his anger was channeled by sharing his terrible experience on the internet. He uploaded the pictures on Facebook and soon his reaction to cheating was embraced and celebrated by thousands of people. His sarcasm was contagious.

“I wonder if I’m going to cook them breakfast! Would help to know if he is allergic to something,” he wrote, with a devil emoji.

“I immediately imagined her mother’s face when she saw these pictures. Her perfect daughter in a very uncomfortable situation.”

Before leaving, he gave his ex-girlfriend a tap on the back. But it did not wake her.

“I wanted to tell her that I hope he makes margaritas better than me.”

The support he had received from the whole word gave him authority and helped him to go through the process of separating himself from someone he had serious thoughts with.

The fact that Caleb shared his pain with the world made it less harmful. His inner world collapsed, but the outside world was there to help, all because of the pictures he had taken.

Thousands of people reached him to congratulate his attitude. While most men would surely kick the other guy directly in the ****, Caleb kept it cool and went away like a boss. On top of that he got revenge – so simple but so meaningful. Some girls also offered to have a drink and help him forget his cheating girlfriend. Caleb hesitated at first, but when he recovered, he decided to try.

All the beautiful women asking for his attention – why would he waste such an opportunity?

Two months later he started dating again. It was a special blonde who got her attention. She was exactly his kind. Caleb invited her to a coffee and then a dinner. He also had the opportunity to try his breakfast!

It looks like a good karma comes back. Caleb had some tough days, but he quickly realized that there was no reason to cry for someone who betrayed him. Thanks to his pictures, he met a nice girl who hopefully cares for him.

Fingers crossed for you man!

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