1. Weird or Confusing

    This web site will transport you into eBay and show you items you can buy that are bizarre, weird or just plain confusing. We visited, and learned what Nose Aerobics is.

    Go to http://weirdorconfusing.com

  2. frankenSim

    This interactive web site lets you create the grotesque and crazy, by manipulating different organs. It’s alive!

    Go to http://animade.tv/work/frankensim

  3. The Symphony of Blockchain

    Are you as confused about Bitcoin as much as we are? This site won’t help you figure it out, but it is beautifully hypnotic watching these 3D Bitcoin blocks move.

    Go to https://iohk.io/

  4. The Passive Aggressive Password Machine

    Having a secure password is important. But maybe having a password that shows how much you hate your employer or your social network is more important.

    Go to http://www.trypap.com

  5. Stinkmoji

    Got a web cam? This website uses 3D emoji recognition to mimic your facial expressions.

    Go to https://stinkmoji.cool

  6. One Tiny Hand

    All your favourite celebrities, but with one tiny hand.

    Go to http://onetinyhand.com

  7. Sketch Something Daily

    Creativity can cure your boredom, and sketching something daily is just the ticket.

    Go to http://sketch.somethingapp.com

  8. The Secret Door

    This web site takes you to new and unusual places on Google Maps and Street View. Cure your boredom with some virtual globetrotting.

    Go to http://ww3.safestyle-windows.co.uk/the-secret-door/

  9. Arbitrary Awards

    Everybody likes recognition and praise. Get yourself an arbitrary award. You deserve it for getting this far. 💓💓💓

    Go to http://arbitraryawards.com

  10. 101 Soundboards.com

    This web site has hundreds of thousands of sounds you can play from various movies, television programs and more. You can also download them as MP3 files and set as ringtones. They also have Android and iOS apps.

    Go to https://www.101soundboards.com/

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