1. Have you spotted her yet?

2. If only…

3. I think the sun missed a spot…


5. Magic

6. Colorful

1. “Anemia Forever”

2. “Are You Getting Enough Sun”?

3. “Not Quite Dead Yet”

4. “Recently Deceased”

7. Pick Your Favorite shade

8.  Just be yourself

9. Being Different Is Awesome

10. The struggle

11. Creativity

12. When you’re so pale that you blend into the background on your license

13. I can relate

14. I’m sure Pennywise takes this as a compliment

15. This photo must’ve been taken at Translyvania

16. This looks painful

17. I actually don’t think her legs are that pale

18. Now this is just sad

19. When flash makes you look like a ghost

20. She’s really confident in herself

source : Postize