Messed up…

Fantasy vs Reality = WTH

TxPlayaMade @JayAfoolBro So my cousin been messing around with this older man for about three years he been paying her rent, phone bill, and car note 7/6/17, 3:35 PM 448 Retweets 1,210 Likes

TxPlayaMade @JayAfoolBro She told me all he wanted in return was some young cooch 7/6/17, 3:41 PM 336 Retweets 858 Likes TxPlayaMade @JayAfoolBro This was the facel made when she told and I said cousin you fucked many niggas for free you might as well hit that lick GIF 7/6/17, 3:42 PM 316 Retweets 1.025 Likes TxPlayaMade @JayAfoolBro She even told me he bought her two kids clothes and shoes for school when she asked him to and I was like GIF 7/6/17, 3:45 PM 290 Retweets 885 Likes TxPlayaMade @JayAfoolBro a couple of years pass and her mom comes out of nowhere and says"TRINA I THINK I FOUND YOUR DAD HE ASKED ME ABOUT YOU AND WANTS TO MEET UP GIF TxPlayaMade @JayAfoolBro Her dad real name is "MELVIN" but his nickname that she knew him by was "LUCKY" GIF 7/6/17, 3:56 PM 2 TxPlayamadele TxPlayaMadee @JayAfoolBro Then my cousin tells me the whole situation and my ignorant ass say " WELP ATLEAST YOU ALREADY BEEN CALLING HIM DADDY " GIF 7/6/17, 4:38 PM 3,396 Retweets 7,795 Likes

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