created a list of the top 15  professions that have the highest instances of cheating. These jobs seem to harbor adulterers at an extremely high level compared to most.

#15 IT Professionals

People in the IT sector often have a reputation for being nerds. And that may be true, but to think all nerds are shy and lonely is just false. IT workers do have relationships and get married — and they cheat a lot. Their computer skills make them uniquely suited to effectively hide their affairs from their partner.


If your partner is in the following profession, you better hope they are not good-looking.


#14 Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents have the personality, the lifestyle, and the opportunities to be an effective cheater. They are friendly and extroverted (even flirty if it helps them sell houses), they work odd hours which gives them cover, and they have a vast array of empty houses at their disposal to sneak around in. It’s a match made in adulterer heaven.


It might not surprise you that people with the following occupation are unhappy.


#13 Stay-at-Home Moms

Being a mother is definitely a full-time job. Moms have to be on call 24/7, 7 times a week. And if her partner is not pulling his weight as much as he should, a mom can become lonely and dissatisfied. Plus, when the kids are at school, she has the house all to herself.


If you’re good at hiding your sources, you’re good at hiding other things as well.


#12 Journalists

Journalists work long hours, whether it’s chasing a story or perfecting it in the writing room. There’s also a lot of travel involved, whereupon you meet interesting new people from different places and backgrounds. The constant stress, combined with the search for that adrenaline rush you get when you break a bombshell story, is the perfect environment for infidelity.


Ever been to the Mile High Club?


#11 Flight Attendants And Pilots

Being away from home is literally in the job description for an airplane crew member. When you’re up in the sky for many hours, then have to spend the night in a lonely hotel room in a city you don’t know, it’s not hard to see why cheating might be appealing. Plus the probability of getting caught is much lower than for other professions.


The next one will not surprise you at all.


#10 Lawyers

Since lawyers already have the reputation for being liars, it’s not a stretch to think they’d be cheaters, too. Lawyers work very hard, but they also get handsomely rewarded for it. Money gives you access to new places and people that might seem more exciting than your own home life.


You may have worked in the following industry in your youth, so you might be aware of this.


#9 Servers And Bartenders

People in the nightlife industry are often more attractive than the average person, and they have to be friendly if they want to make good tips. They also meet hundreds of people every night, many of them drunk and looking for a quick hookup. A recipe for relationship disaster.


Who would have thought that touching people for a living might make you more likely to cheat?


#8 Massage Therapists

We’re not saying all massage therapists are unprofessional, but when you’re around naked bodies all day, you’re bound to experience lust for some of them. Many massage parlors also tend to hire good-looking workers, so the attraction is often mutual. It’s no wonder the divorce rate for massage therapists is almost 40%.


The following profession might give you discipline, but it seems like it’s not enough.

#7 Military

Being in the military means being away from home for long periods of time, and risk your life in the process. You develop a tight relationship with your squad, which can sometimes evolve into romantic feelings for one of them. You’re homesick, stressed, and have people around you who are in excellent physical shape. The temptation is hard to ignore.


Just because you work out a lot, doesn’t mean you have no energy left for a fling or two.


#6 Athletes

Athletes, particularly those who are the best in their sport, can often cultivate a cult-like following. Everywhere they go for their various tournaments and competitions, there will be no shortage of adoring fans willing to do whatever it takes to be close to their idol. It’s not hard to see how some would take advantage of these opportunities.


You might put this occupation on a pedestal, but they’re no saints.


#5 Police Officers

Law enforcement is another profession with high levels of stress and long working hours. And though police officers are supposed to keep an air of propriety and morality when in public, many have plenty of skeletons in their closets. A lot of people are attracted to authority figures, which gives officers a pool of willing participants for their illicit affairs.


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#4 Entertainers

People in the entertainment industry have to work hard to keep an immaculate physique. And they’re usually surrounded by other beautiful people. Combine that with constant traveling, spending a lot of time with coworkers, and enough money to help keep your dalliance under wraps, and you understand why many celebrity couples end up in cheating scandals.


Even if you think people in the following profession are heroes, remember heroes are flawed too.


#3 Doctors And Nurses

Nurses and doctors have to deal with matters of life and death every day. Such high-pressure lifestyles can lead to anxiety and depression, especially if you don’t have a supportive partner. Often, people in the medical field cheat with their own colleagues, probably because they’re the only ones who understand what they are going through.


You might have fantasized about someone in the next profession when you were younger.


#2 Teachers

Teaching is probably the most undervalued profession. After all, they’re the ones preparing the next generation to take over the reins. They’re also not paid near well enough for all the work they do. It’s easy to see how a teacher could feel under-appreciated by their partner and seek comfort with someone else.


The number one will make you hate people in that occupation even more.


#1 Finance Workers

We’ve said it before, but money really is the root of all evil. You’ve seen The Wolf of Wall Street, you saw how he traded a loving wife for a money-hungry bimbo. And though that may be an extreme case, maybe it’s not such an outlier given the results of this study. People in the finance industry are also more likely to have sociopathic traits, one of which is the lack of empathy.